This small apartment with a shared living room and bedroom is a perfect example of making an odd layout work and this even in a very stylish way in crossings at hamilton station apartments trenton nj. Having exposed pipelines is not the easiest thing to work with, but rather than dreading them, the owners of this elegant apartment highlighted them with the black paint that stands out against the grey walls. This way, they become an interior element rather than something to hide away.

By placing the sofa against the angled wall, an interesting dynamic has been created between the window, the area rug, and the rest of the space. This leaves enough space for the bed, which shares a room with the sofa. By adding a mirror, the room looks larger and the light from the window is reflected as well.

In the kitchen, a weird niche has been turned into a workspace, which is an elegant solution in this room. This way you have everything you need in just two rooms, by optimally using every nook of the available surface.

via Alvhem

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