Room Shoji 04 by Yamagata Arquitetura

Premiere of Yamagata Architecture at Casa Cor São Paulo 2016 takes off a flip-free japan to address contemporary lifestyle elementary issues in the chaos of metropole, presents an authentic and original proposal that connects with its own prospects: space optimization, sustainability, ergonomics and poetry. While life in megalopoles through cholorous times, we concepts concepts as peace, calm, design and ergonomics in this urban, timely environment and with high niponic influence.

room shoji 04 yamagata arquitetura 13

room shoji 04 yamagata arquitetura 7

Therefore, the unit baptized “shoji 04” develops in 84m2 that sends to the small and comfortable spaces of japan, but without ethnic flowers: the box could be inserted in any cosmopolite city, in Asia, in Europe, Africa or in the Americas. In practice a large volume of wood absorbs the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, organizes the project spaceally and allows the light to enter generally, in connection with the precepts of sustainability and connection with nature. The same volume seems

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House Dos Oleiros Renovation by Paulo Martins

The Portugal-based architecture and design studio Paulo Martins has renovated ”Dos Oleiros House” a two storey house that is located in the old part of the Castelo Branco city, Portugal.

This house is located in Castelo Branco, in the old part of the city, which has been in an increasing state of decline in recent years. In response to this trend, this project was aimed at taking on the contours of an archetype, in an attempt to establish a trend in the urban occupancy of the city: urban revitalisation of the historic centre and its occupancy by younger age groups, making this part of the city more dynamic once more.

house dos oleiros paulo martins 4

In line with this intention, the project consisted of maintaining the original appearance of the house on the outside, while inside, the spaces were readapted to current standards of comfort and living, marked by contemporary minimalism.

house dos oleiros paulo martins 7

In project terms, the

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PSLab’s London Headquarters – InteriorZine

Local studio James Plumb has created PSLab’s London Headquarters out of a landscape of monolithic concrete plinths. The resulting workspace acts unlike a typical office or a showroom, but rather a home of collaboration and creative thinking. Quiet nooks, surrounded by potted plants and leafy vines that climb down from the ceiling create small enclaves within the expansive floor plan.

Soft light crawls in through large windows, creating cosy feels not usually associated with showrooms. The scheme distils the work of both spatial and lighting design studios, each space unfolding as an exploration of light and shadow. The result is a beautifully refined scheme where materiality, both of the building and the lighting mechanics, becomes the prominent voice. Not to mention this is one of the most enviable workspaces we’ve seen. For real.

pslab office showroom london 2

Exposed brick walls, steel columns, and a number of sunken pits are all that remains from

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