September 28, 2022


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What To Do And Not Do After A Snake Bite

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Whether you are scared of snakes or not, they can sometimes be pretty scary. While not all snakes are venomous, some of them are and can be fatal to your health. There are certain species of snakes that are not fatal but can result in adverse health conditions if you do not take the right steps immediately after being bitten. 

A snakebite can happen at any given time, but the months when the risks are heightened are between April and October. If you suspect snakes in your house or have found eggs, you must immediately remove them with the help of Pest Control Service

What to do after a snake bite 

  1. Remember the size, shape, and color of the snake. 

When you get bitten by a snake, the last thing you may want to notice is what the snake looks like. After all, you do not notice the appearance of the animal when you experience excruciating pain. However, not all snakes are venomous, and some snakes’ bites may not be harmful. It is important to notice the snake’s size, shape, and color to determine which antivenom medication will work. 

  1. Call an ambulance immediately. 

Regardless of whether you think the snake bite is venomous, you should seek medical help immediately after the incident. Many snakes look similar, which makes it difficult to understand whether they are venomous or not. By the time you start experiencing the symptoms of venom, it might be too late to start the treatment. 

  1. Do not panic. 

It might sound silly to ask someone not to panic when they have got bitten by a snake bite, but you must still stay calm. Moving too much or panicking can fasten the spread of venom in your body. In fact, if you have just been bitten by a snake, not moving a lot can save your life. 

What you need to do when you get bit is not to move at all and remain where you are. Ask other people for help and start administering first aid where you are. 

  1. Leave the snake alone. 

Once you realize you have got bitten, do not try to catch or identify the snake. It usually takes a lot of tests to determine the species, and an inexperienced eye cannot do it. A professional can give you the appropriate treatment by examining the wound. You do not need to capture the snake. 

Snakebite dont’s

  • Do not slash the wound.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine. 
  • Do not apply ice. 

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