WELLNESS DESIGN TRENDS | 5 amazing Spa interior design ideas


Exploring some beautiful spa and wellness spaces designed to improve our well-being


Raise your hand if you are day-dreaming about being in a beautiful spa right now.

You are not alone: the wellness design trend is on its rising and some of the most inspiring interiors that can be found now are actually retreats, spas and shops dedicated to the wellness industry.

In fact, retreats, meditation and yoga studios, spas, clinics, shops dedicated to the wellness industry increased everywhere in number already before the pandemic. The trend is for sure going to rise also in post-pandemic times, when we all had the time to discover the importance of well-being and self-care.

Spa-like atmospheres are also becoming a big source of inspiration for home bathroom designs, this is also why it is interesting to have a look around and see which are the most interesting spa design ideas now.

I selected 5 beautiful spa design ideas, to inspire you – and make you travel with imagination, in some different countries and calming restorative spaces.


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6 amazing Spa interiors and Wellness design ideas


A well-being retreat in Australia


Willow Urban Retreat is a beautiful sample of how design can actively influence human health – in other words, of an holistic interior design approach. The retreat includes a cafe, movement and meditation studio, day spa and a detox facility, all designed by Meme Design to become a destination of simplicity, silence and calm. Interior archways and cylinder-like walkways encourage the energy flow, while promoting smooth transitions between spaces. Neutral colors and tactile surfaces, together with advanced air purification systems, acoustic treatments and low toxicity building materials, make this retreat the perfect example of designing for well-being. Discover more here


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An infinity spa in Bangkok


Surrounded by skyscrapers, bustling traffic, and street food vendors, Infinity Wellbeing is designed by Space Popular to become an island ofd peace within Bangkok. Through the leaves of the garden, the spa is in strong contrast to the street with its often chaotic collage of sounds and sights. Inside, materials are smooth, joints are precise, and space is deep. The arrival space which overlooks the garden introduces a calming palette dominated by white and mint green with elements of copper. Discover more here


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A Chinese-medicine clinic


The Ronde TCM clinic is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic in Shenzen, designed by FAN Art&design. In line with an important TCM concept — “Unity of Human and Universe”, the spatial interfaces, furnishings as well as decorations were integrated as a whole. Seats and backdrop walls show the imagery of mountains and water, and echo the decorative lighting fixtures with amazing geometric shapes, in a palette of pink and refreshing green. Discover more here


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A space for wellness in Brazil


Dois Tropicos is a wellness space with a botanic store, yoga class and restaurant, located in San Paolo and designed by MNMA Studio. The concept of the project is a hybrid space, where people can feel in every way the importance of spending time to take care of themselves, slowly and with pleasure. The material used was created by a process of cooking the subtle varied colours of earth into bricks; the same material was projected onto walls and ceilings, bringing texture, tone gradation and detail to the interior spaces.  Discover more here


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A cozy spa design in Lisbon


Wellness Members Club of Lisbon, designed by Studio Gameiro, is entirely designed in soft colors combined with the nuances of the earth, defining a delicate and soft space similar to a cozy living space. The interior is a tribute to Portuguese creativity with its traditional materials: like the Moleanos tiles – a Lusitanian limestone – set in the concrete floor, the wrought iron of the handrails worked in the Pombalino style, the rattan hand woven. Discover more here


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A futuristic skincare shop design in Dublin


The last interior we are sharing comes from Dublin and it’s a small skincare shop called the Fitzgerald Private Clinic. Designed by Kingston Lafferty Design, the interior features a combination of plaster, marble, terrazzo and stainless stee to capture a sense of calm, quiet luxury while maintaining the cleanliness expected from a surgery. Discover more here





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