‘Unique’ SC home looks like it’s expanding into a bubble




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Well, this is a new sight for sore eyes.

A uniquely shaped house on the shore of Lake Bowen in Inman, South Carolina, has landed on the real estate market for $650,000. But there is a pretty big catch:

It appears to be unfinished inside.

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“This is for sure a contractor or handy man’s dream,” the listing on Zillow.com says. “Majority of building materials on site to complete remodel. Home is being sold as-is where-is. There is 73 ft of water frontage, a dock in place and a patio down by the water near the dock.”

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But what is drawing attention is the shape, which almost appears like it’s expanding into a bubble. It’s the form that attracted fans on the popular social media real estate page Zillow Gone Wild, where there wasn’t a shortage of jokes.

“Someone saw a water balloon hit the ground. The second before it bursts, They think ‘YES!! The perfect shape for a house!’” one person said.

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“That house looks like me after eating an entire burrito from Chipotle,” another joked.

“The house is actually normal, it’s just very small and the realtor used that wide-angled lens to give it a more spacious feel in the listing,” someone commented.

“Super creative monolithic dome. I *will* have a dome home someday,” one person said.

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“It looks like a stuffed shirt about to pop its buttons off,” another observed.

“I’m pretty certain it’s an Airbnb that eats people,” someone commented.

“Before quarantine, it was just a regular house…” one person joked.

“This house went on the Wonka Factory tour,” another said.

“It looks like something from Harry Potter,” someone said.

Exterior Screen grab from Zillow

“It looks like a cartoon house that they are pumping air into right before it explodes,” one person commented.

“Well great. Now I want a Chonky house…” another joked.

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“The bloat house (instead of boathouse) on the lake,” someone said. “Actually, I like the creative uniqueness of it.”

“This is what happens to a normal house after the first year of marriage…” one person said.

Inman is about 25 miles northeast of Greenville.

This story was originally published July 21, 2022 1:00 AM.

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