The Age of Transparency – A Teeka Tiwari Financial Publisher

teeka tiwari is a financial publisher who has co-founded and currently serves as chief executive officer of T3 Publishing, a non-profit publishing label that publishes more than 80 self-publishing titles each year. His writing has appeared in several notable media outlets including Business Standard, Financial Times, Asia Times, and Fast Company among others. His first book was published by the Financial Times.

BlockChain Technology

The premise behind Tiwari’s book is that finance and the financial markets are changing at breakneck speed, largely due to the distributed ledger technology that has swept across much of the financial market. In essence, he argues that the distributed ledger or BlockChain technology is changing the way people think about and access financial markets. These changes have created a new breed of “financial disruptors,” those whose ability to influence markets has come from nothing more than harnessing a relatively simple invention, the BlockChain, to bring financial innovations to market. Tiwari sees these disruptive forces as having the ability to upend and entirely reshape the entire system by changing the foundation upon which the financial industry is built.

How Financial Transactions Are Made Transparent

What makes his arguments especially intriguing is that he does not believe that the disruption will happen overnight, or even over years. He anticipates it will happen slowly and steadily building on and improving upon the existing network technologies and platforms over the coming decade and beyond. His book The Age of Transparency: How Financial Transactions Are Made Transparent is designed to help readers understand what is occurring and how this particular phenomenon can disrupt financial markets going forward.

Focuses on the financial network as a whole

A large portion of The Age of Transparency book focuses on the financial network as a whole. Tiwari describes how the internet has affected all areas of human interaction and how this affects the network. In essence, he says that the age of transparency will produce unprecedented transparency in financial markets, making previously secretive and opaque practices more open and real. He notes that this trend will impact all industries across all industries and markets, and even affect the way the government regulates its financial agencies. By having this perspective, one can begin to see how the global economy is being disrupted by the trend of true transparency.

This is one of many fascinating articles Tiwari has written over the years. His other popular books include Inside the Business, Money Minded, and The Short-Term Investor. The book, however, is notable because of how it delves deeply into the financial industry and what role technology is playing in this disruption. In addition, the author has done a great job of explaining why the financial network will be thoroughly disrupted by this trend, how it will affect individual traders throughout the network, and what traders can do to stay ahead of the curve. All in all, The Age of Transparency is an interesting book with a lot of useful information.

New trader or investor

If you are a new trader or investor, you should consider purchasing this book. It is an excellent primer on the subject of financial markets. It is also jam-packed with all the information you could ever want on how to trade stocks and options online with relative ease. The contents of the book are accessible and well organized. Anyone interested in learning about financial markets and trading should add The Age of Transparency: Trading For the Common Good to their reading list.