Elegant Apartment in Vilnius by Home Stories LT

The apartment is located in quiet part of Vilnius. The main task was to create an open floor plan, simple and uncluttered space. Apartment is like a minimalist modern place with a mysterious atmosphere. The well-combined materials, textures and simple, clean lines create an attractive, mature perception of the apartment. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated and quality space.

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The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen and workplace. The colour palette is monochromatic it helps to create airy, bright, and elegant space. Grey tints in combination with white oak shades deliver a subtle perception of restful mood.

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As mentioned earlier, in the apartment dominate clean lines, the focus is on the purity and simplicity of the shape and form. Flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clean lines create bold statements that emphasise the essential nature of each item.

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Vilnius Old Town Apartment by DIZU

In contemporary design, more and more artists search for that middle ground, and unexpected entwinement between modern and rustic, organic and industrial, raw and sophisticated richens of design material. This dynamic loft project in Vilnius by Renata Mockutė –  studio DIZU, offers not only the best take on modern spatial dynamics.

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Still, it develops the beauty of the bones of the original construct its hints spread throughout the unusual space. The décor idea also includes craft and modern design furniture elements and decor details. Open floor arrangement hosts the main social areas – a kitchen corner decided in monochrome colors and expressive materials – concrete slabs for a ceiling, partial brick walls, and tailored skylight openings attractively illuminate gorgeous wooden accents.

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Smooth transition leads to a small dining area and a trendy modular sofa in vibrant, deep blue, forming loge zone. Another skylight opening formed by the mezzanine level

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Interpretation of the Industrial New York City Loft in Vilnius

In the capital, in a 2-room apartment, interior designer Beata Senkevič presented her interpretation of the New York city loft. Using rather rough materials, as she says herself, she has created a cozy industrial-style interior in a 37-square-foot apartment.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 1

The author of the interior B.Senkevič from the studio Interdio said for 15 minutes that the owner of the home is a young, energetic broker. He installed this dwelling for rent. “The owner showed me one photo from the New York city loft, and the result is my interpretation of the asked question. The goal, as always, is exclusivity, bold solutions that would attract tenants, but at the same time harmoniously combine the interior with the exterior, ”she said.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 2

According to B. Senkevič, deciding on the functional and ergonomic layout, I had to decide how to correctly separate the bedroom from the living room and on which side of the apartment

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