Natural Cosmetic Shop Decor by Studio AUTORI

SOFI natural cosmetics is a client studio AUTORI met in 2016 to work on their flagship store in Novi Sad. After four years, the collaboration continues, this time working on their Belgrade store.

Led by SOFI’s philosophy in which the focus is on the fully exposed natural ingredients, studio AUTORI picks a few raw and distinctive elements to build up an overall balanced experience.

sofi natural cosmetics shop studio autori 2

With scrap marble picked from the local quarry and found in its backyard, the base is set. The marbles (Croatian Planit and Maljat from Montenegro) that were discarded by the quarry due to flaws, were minimally processed and brought back to life by AUTORI. All other elements like shelves and the counter, are fully subordinated to the marble gestures.

sofi natural cosmetics shop studio autori 1

To give the interior balance and serenity, soft materials such as translucent curtains and SOFI logo (treated more like a light installation than mere branding) are installed.

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Mansion Liu by Bob Chen Design Studio

“What we chose in life tells about us.” If we break all the walls, a “home” typically displays items that embody the owner’s memory. Visiting one’s home is like going through one’s past and walking into their emotions. To simplify the space is to let the articles organize their own language, and also because we believe that “this person” is the best style interpretation. In addition to function as a “social place,” a modern “home” should also be a “return” type of place for reflection, retreat and a degree of introspection. These two different requirements are interwoven in the spatial presentation of “House Liu”. The owner Liu, a professional advertiser, is telling us about the story of his house from 0 to 0.5.

bob chen design studio 21

To immerse myself in design is like a vacation. Sometimes, when a group of old men discuss where to go on holiday, Bob always looks like as

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3 Modern Office Design Concepts by Czech Studio Reactor

The young and creative Czech design studio Reactor had created some interesting, fresh and contemporary interior design projects that explore the concept of modern office spaces and its best variations of a dynamic work environment, playful decor compositions, and multi-functional spaces.

studio reaktor projekty pristav 9

The vibe that the teams from the Studio explore the most is vibrant and elegant at the same time, with hints of industrial laid on comfort, offering communication, flexible spaces, and inviting shearing. We will present you with three of their projects, which are giving a fresh view towards contemporary working space. The designers of the creative studio like concrete exposed walls and bespoke metal frames and furniture details with a hint of vibrant color introduced amidst neutral color base – the overall feel is of energetic and stylish spaces, with a creative and trendy vibe, without trying too hard.

studio reaktor projekty pristav 10

studio reaktor projekty pristav 8

The first project transforms a carpentry workshop located near

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Utter Space Photography Studio in Beijing

Design is not just creation and decoration, but exploring and choosing by heart. With the development of trend and fashion, the media has become more and more diversified in images. Under this background, more photographers of different styles have appeared. Liu Zongyuan, a famous Chinese photographer, is one of them.

utter space beijing cun design 20

In early 2019, he found CUN, hoping to design for his photography studio in an old building warehouse in Beijing. We talked for more than 3 hours in the evening, and we feel that, nowadays, everything that can bring people beauty, such as design, video, art, and even music, has become blurred and full of freshness. We adjusted the nature of this space from purely serving the needs of photography, and adjusted it into a composite space that integrates work, art museums, and activities. This makes the space more thorough and pure on any road, and its name is UTTER

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