Residence C by KC Design Studio

The building faces the streets of all directions fearlessly, forming the fragmental indoor layout. The residents often feel the inconvenience in using the space.

residence c kc design studio 9

residence c kc design studio 15

KC Design Studio: We fill the fragmental areas with the service functions of the residence to create the complete and open public and private space. The design point of the open space is the layer presentation. The connection and openness of the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be felt when you enter the house from the balcony.

residence c kc design studio 2

Through the furniture and surrounding design corresponding to each space, from the exterior to the interior, from the front to the back, the different materials or the furniture heights are applied to present the rich but not messy space expression. The gray concrete texture serves as the basis of the space. The use of wood, iron pieces, terrazzo, and striped glass creates the mild and

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Pondok Pinang House by Somia Design Studio

This project is an integrated architectural & interior design project located at a prime residential area in South Jakarta, commissioned by the Client to be developed on a 200m² land area. It is a great opportunity and a formidable challenge for Somia Design Studio to work on this project in maintaining a good service, especially during the construction process until the handing over of the project so that the Client can occupy the house comfortably.

This house was built to be a house for the family to meet during special occasion. It is therefore hoped that the ground floor become the central place to accommodate the get-together of the families. The limitation of the site’s size however can make for a spacious outcome. Demanded to have a lounge area as a discussion space and relaxing area is proven to hit the mark for providing ample spaces around the house.

svastaka house somia design studio 14


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Awesome Studio for Students by Co+in Collaborative Lab

The initial design brief is to present Australian vibes for the 1+1 Bedroom, and studio unit. The occupant of the units are students who need a place to easily commuting between the premise and the campus.

coincollaborativelab 7

Taking the student life as consideration, space has to have the capacity to utilize the space for the occupant to have a slow living manner as in enjoying the day by reading books, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or having friends over, despite the limited area.

coincollaborativelab 6

coincollaborativelab 4

We end up to adopting black and white as the subject and take the client’s love of marble as the main feature of the design.

coincollaborativelab 3

In the case of the studio unit, we embrace the black tone material that envelopes the space with a mixture of concrete on walls, which bring the warm and homey ambiance, while at the same time edgy and modern. The

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365 Studio by Bogdanova Bureau

365 Studio occupies some part of the ground floor and the first floor in a new building in central Kyiv, Ukraine. What made this project complicated was its belonging to the chain which already had its identity guide. There are certain rules which are formalized in the brandbook such as combination of white and green colors, plants and natural materials in the interior because the company is eco-friendly and tries to keep closer to nature.

365 studio bogdanova bureau 17

The key element of the project is the stairs with green steel banister. We had to cut out a part of the floor above and reinforce the building construction before it. 10 mm thick steel sheets for banister were cut and bent in advance to be welded on site. We built up a lifting tackle in the building which held every metal sheet and let weld them unsupported. After that we had all joints primed

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