Social Space and Coffee To Go Shop in Jakarta

Kisaku is a coffee and social space located in the heart of Jakarta business district, a fairly dense environment, with target market on workers. The place is a manifestation of adaptive reuse of an old and humble one storey residential house into an open and welcoming coffee shop. Kisaku emerged as an oasis in the middle of the crowded metropolitan city, focusing on coffee-to-go sales and serves as a pleasant space for contemplation during the day and social space after office hours.

Kisaku is a Japanese word that means positive, open, and friendly. The interior is aimed to build the brand identity by creating a sense of place that is simple, open and warm for customer to enjoy coffee. Most coffee shops are usually designed to maximize the sitting capacity, to create lively atmosphere. Kisaku, on the hand, provides “emptiness” and enhances minimalism to create a contemplative space experience. It

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Exposed Brickwork and Copper Cladding Shape an Industrial Style Living Space by Ira Lysiuk

Absolut textural delight of elaborated brick constructs, wooden panels, copper accents, and jet-black focal points of furniture and modern design insertions. This is the sophisticated, modern, and inspired by minimalism design project for a spacious apartment by Ira Lysiuk for a young couple.

ira lysiuk interior design 11

ira lysiuk interior design 9

Open floor plan hosts the kitchen, dining, and living room combination, and under the expressive sloped roof, a stylish configuration and alternation of characteristic modern trends occurs. Gorgeous red-brick structures give the spine of the composition, custom-tailored wooden panels and strong accents of beautiful copper complete the decor project.

ira lysiuk interior design 6

ira lysiuk interior design 5

ira lysiuk interior design 2

Black future accents give visual anchor in the overall warm and organic tonality of the design idea. Some of those design pieces are a product of renown and even iconic designs: beautiful Ferm Living lamps, Fredericia and Odesd2 chairs, the eye-catching black ceramic tiles by Mutina, or the signature bath and washbasins by AGAPE.

ira lysiuk interior design 8

ira lysiuk interior design 7

We love the sliding

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Utter Space Photography Studio in Beijing

Design is not just creation and decoration, but exploring and choosing by heart. With the development of trend and fashion, the media has become more and more diversified in images. Under this background, more photographers of different styles have appeared. Liu Zongyuan, a famous Chinese photographer, is one of them.

utter space beijing cun design 20

In early 2019, he found CUN, hoping to design for his photography studio in an old building warehouse in Beijing. We talked for more than 3 hours in the evening, and we feel that, nowadays, everything that can bring people beauty, such as design, video, art, and even music, has become blurred and full of freshness. We adjusted the nature of this space from purely serving the needs of photography, and adjusted it into a composite space that integrates work, art museums, and activities. This makes the space more thorough and pure on any road, and its name is UTTER

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Brick Vault House by Space Popular

The Brick Vault House is a prototype for suburban house construction that integrates industrialised construction methods with traditional craftsmanship in Valencia, Spain. It is designed by Space Popular in response to a commission from a local developer, and in collaboration with Estudio Alberto Burgos and Javier Cortinal Maruenda.

brick vault house space popular 2

brick vault house space popular 11

The driving design principles of the Brick Vault House respond to regionally available construction techniques – both traditional and contemporary – and the Spanish Mediterranean climate. It is organised around a structural grid system, which allowed us to resolve the typical construction details so that future houses could have different configurations, avoiding replication but still maintaining some level of standardisation. The character of the house is given by its structural materials –the green steel frame and exposed load-bearing brick vaults present throughout all spaces, and its irregular modular layout –creating numerous porches and terraces as well as varying views. The house responds

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