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Henry David Thoreau once praised Walden Lake as a teardrop of the God, and hence evoked numerous people’s yearning for lakeside living. Everyone has a lake in their mind, which brings them serenity, poetry and purity in the bustling city.

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Lakeside living, ideal life
Living beside lake is amazing, which enables people to get close to nature and enjoy a peaceful life. As embracing the first light of the sun in the morning and overlooking the rippling waterscape, the mood is refreshed.
The project is a residential development sales center in Xi’an, China. With Yanming Lake on the north side, it enjoys favorable site conditions. In addition, it’s situated at the transitional zone between the densely populated area and the outskirts, providing a perfect place for conceiving ideal lifestyles for urban elites.

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Immersive experiences
The design drew on autumn lake landscape to set the overall spatial tone, with various simulated

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Zoina Auspicious Omen Sales Center

In Chinese culture, it’s always said that there is “earth” and “heaven” amidst mountains and rivers and the root of everything lie between square (fang) and round (yuan). With the “wheel” of the era moving forward, how do human habitats nowadays bring in landscape and natural things?

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Each piece of gravel and wooden beam pays tribute to nature, and injects simplicity into the bustling city. Sunshine is the warmest nourishment from nature. The semi-open corridor features floor-to-ceiling glass, and the wooden texture creates a simplistic style, all of which helps to break spatial boundaries while blending the space with nature. As the light falls into the negotiation area, each piece of wood is enlivened, and the space is infused with freshness.

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Local sea fishing culture
All rivers flow into the sea, though without the same source. The sea fishing culture in Zhanjiang carries the original aspiration and memories of

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