Townhouse-Style Residence in Mexico City

Along a long, narrow lot in Mexico city, Mexico-based design studio PPAA / Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados introduces a townhouse-style residence occupied by two units, entitled ‘Pachuca.’ The boundaries of the plot are not typically suited for a conventional apartment scheme were only one apartment could have a private exterior space. With this site-specific restriction, the design team organizes the residential project between two independent households similar to a townhouse.

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PPAA / Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados divides the narrow volume of ‘Pachuca’ between two residential units, leaving each house with a facade measuring only thirteen feet. With this condition, the team faces a challenging programmatic layout during the design process, and ultimately transforms this challenge into a unique, thoughtfully organized space. Taking advantage of the east-west orientation of the plot, the design team arranges a collection of stacking volumes that receive light and ventilation both from the street toward the

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Mayfield Avenue Residence by studiofour

With a client brief for architecture and interior of contrast, the Mayfield Avenue residence became an exploration into the dualities that can be created between architecture and interiors, while still achieving a cohesive outcome. A strong, structural tectonic defines the architectural form, and is balanced with a distinctly warm interior. The clean-lined building forms are paired with a layered interior palette, that took its colour variation from the inherent veining of a striking natural stone selected early in the design process.

The refined architectural detailing is finished with natural textures and subtle colour shifts, from clay brickwork to rose linen accents, creating a robust yet calming home. Located on a north-facing greenfield site, surrounded by large scale dwellings, the site offered challenges with its size and orientation. The concept for this home was formed around a central garden, overlaid with an architectural framework comprising solid planes and interconnecting screens that

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Residence C by KC Design Studio

The building faces the streets of all directions fearlessly, forming the fragmental indoor layout. The residents often feel the inconvenience in using the space.

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KC Design Studio: We fill the fragmental areas with the service functions of the residence to create the complete and open public and private space. The design point of the open space is the layer presentation. The connection and openness of the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be felt when you enter the house from the balcony.

residence c kc design studio 2

Through the furniture and surrounding design corresponding to each space, from the exterior to the interior, from the front to the back, the different materials or the furniture heights are applied to present the rich but not messy space expression. The gray concrete texture serves as the basis of the space. The use of wood, iron pieces, terrazzo, and striped glass creates the mild and

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