66 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Gorgeous weather, breathtaking views, fresh air spiced with the aroma of garden flowers, and delicious food and drinks shared with friends and family. Sounds like a dream, right? But, really, who can say that diner outside, barbeque party with friends, or elegant wine and cheese sharing with the girls by the pool are not the perfect resting and celebration moments?

Unfortunately if one wishes to prepare an elaborate diner in their yard, one will need a lot of back-and-forth trips to the kitchen for supplies, appliances, and materials. Because let’s face it, even if you have brought all the necessary for your dinner outside, in midst cooking you will discover that a key ingredient is missing (even if it’s only the lid of the pot) – those are Murphy’s laws. So, to spare yourself the hustle of caring back and forth the diner elements when the mood for outdoor meal

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Modern Luxury House Design for Casacor Exhibition

Léo Shehtman Arquitetura e Design had created this fancy, contemporary configuration of modern luxury and iconic trendiness for the 2019 edition of the Casacor exhibition. And although not having the emotional burden of a lived-in home, the decor composition is truly a magnificent example of many of the trends and movements on the world’s design scene for the last years.

fauno house nil casa cor 2

fauno house nil casa cor 3

It presents us with an inspired contemplation of Brazilian luxury. Combining art, classic beauty, precious materials, and big modern shapes with square lines, the designer created a masterpiece of trends, warm golden tonalities, and expressive features. The abundant use of exotic “Nacarado” marble, the golden sparkle coming from the precious brass additions (a trend that is high in the repertoire of contemporary designers of late) and iconic pieces of furniture are all illuminated by dynamic juxtaposition between shadow and light, thus creating warmer honey-like ambiance.

fauno house nil casa cor 5

fauno house nil casa cor 4

Simple but not simplistic lines

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Magic carpets: modern ethnic rugs are a big autumn trend, bringing instant colour and warmth to a room

Highly patterned rugs have been spotted everywhere from the super-stylish Alex Hotel in Perth, Australia, to Kourtney Kardashian’s guest bedroom.

Souad Larusi, who has been dealing in authentic tribal rugs at Larusi in Kentish Town since 2000, says many of us want to inject colour into our minimal interiors.

Her customers, from artist Peter Doig to Ace Hotel and Ilse Crawford, have been pairing classic, neutral Beni Ourain rugs with colourful boucherouite rag rugs, and also learning to appreciate authentic Turkish Anatolian kilims.

“It’s a way of introducing colour that isn’t gaudy or super-bright,” says Larusi. “Customers are becoming more experimental, and interested in exactly where their rug is from.”

Wawa: by A Rum Fellow at Floor Story, this rug is influenced by Mayan weaving

Meanwhile, 2 Lovely Gays, aka designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, say ethnic-style rugs are a perfect foil for period features, including in their

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