Serene Living Space by Spring Design Office

Nowadays, fast-paced lifestyles are intensifying the tense atmosphere in urban living spaces. This project is a residence situated at the bustling CBD in Guangzhou, China. The client, who is a jewellery design professional, hopes to have a serene living space and is strict about details. Through close communication and joint efforts with the client for two years, the designer created this ideal and serene home that is secluded from the busy city.

residence guangzhou spring design office 14

Acted as a dream-maker, the designer realized the client’s imagination on the “home” via ingen-ious treatment of the space. Natural wood colours set the overall tone of the residence, with dark and light shades forming a contrast and enriching a sense of layering.

residence guangzhou spring design office 13

According to Karl Marx, human beings are born but unwilling to be lonely, and all things in the world are interdependent. This is especially true to the sensitive client, who hopes that the living space

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Different Ways of Living in the Open Air with Potocco


The Potocco outdoor catalogue expands by telling different ways of living in the open air: gardens, terraces, swimming pools become the natural extension of the house. Combinations of different materials and processes such as wood, metal, nautical cords and ceramics also bring to the outdoor spaces the same idea of ​​comfort, conviviality, refinement and attention to detail distinctive of the domestic interiors.

When you are looking at installing an under floor ventilation system in your home, you should consider the different types of systems that are available. An underfloor system is specifically designed to pull the air from your basement or crawl space to circulate it throughout your entire home. It may be more costly than a normal ceiling system, but it is generally more effective, and will be able to provide a better quality of air.

BUTLER design Bernhardt&Vella

BUTLER is an outdoor trolley that combines an essential

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