Scenes and Social Life: Headquarter office of ViaBTC

Nowadays, more and more clients, no matter how their scales are, intend to highlight their own unique features. In many cases, they provide detailed requests and many key aspects of the design concepts. Our job, based on these requests and concepts, is to discover the individual feature of each scenario and showcase the core of each brand owned by our clients.

headquarter office of viabtc 16

headquarter office of viabtc 15

Focusing on the support of the global market of bit-coins, ViaBTC is a bit-coin-pool and provider of cloud-based mining solutions. ViaBTC values the technologies and business models as the foundation of their novelty and the combination of digital and traditional business as the future trend. They expect their culture to be easy communicating, energetic, free, novel and comfortable. ONEXN Architects provided the whole solution, including the concept design, construction, and customized furniture design.

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About the orientation
The importance of orientation lies in its strong links with the surrounding nature,

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Casa 3000 is Brought to Life by Pedrali’s New Furniture Collections

Although evoking an image of a fairy tale, Casa 3000 – a solitary red house designed by Rebelo de Andrade amongst the Cork Oaks and umbrella pines of the Alentejo region in Portugal – is brought to life by Pedrali‘s new furniture collections.

Called #Pedralitales, the Italian brand’s indoor and outdoor pieces are dotted around and throughout the dramatic architecture, which is characterized by striking shapes of clean lines and bright color. In stark contrast, this backdrop highlights the calm elegance of the furniture designs – all captured in scenes by Andrea Garuti.

pedrali tale indoor outdoor collections casa 3000 2

#Pedralitales, at Casa 3000, welcomes visitors home with the minimal yet all-embracing form of the Soul outdoor armchair by Eugeni Quitllet. As a pure expression of creativity, its curved, sculptural aluminum tubular structure reveal a classical form that, despite its thinness, has solid proportions. The ergonomic seat, shaped in teak slats, cosily envelopes users. The scene

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