82 m2 Minimalist Apartment in Kyiv

FILD designed this stunning 82 m2 minimalist apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine: The well-combined materials, patterns, and textures create an attractive, mature perception of the dwelling. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated, tranquil in color, quality space.

rybalsky apartment fild 2

The color palette is composed predominantly of monochromatic tones. Grey tints in combination with genial dimmed brown oak shades deliver a subtle perception of restful mood. As mentioned earlier, the black kitchen takes all responsibility for a major input in the color scheme. The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen, and two separate terrace entrances.

rybalsky apartment fild 3

The black kitchen block, made from matt-black FENIX NTM, creates a perfect accent in the apartment.
Furniture facades from the kitchen to wardrobe illustrate one single line linking together the apartment layout plan. Standard kitchen cabinets were intentionally removed from the design composition to emphasize the

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Soviet-era Block House Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine

The owner of this apartment and co-author of this project is Pavel Botvinovsky. He is a lover of Soviet architecture of the era of brutalism and modernism.

residential apartment rina lovko 16

residential apartment rina lovko 12

The apartment is located in the Soviet-era block house of the 70-s. To increase the aesthetic emphasis on the bedroom, we used a large round mirror, to see it in the reflection from hallway. The uniqueness of this project is primarily determined by its functionalism. Three main materials and colors prevail – white, stainless steel and natural wood.

residential apartment rina lovko 18

residential apartment rina lovko 2

The layout of this apartment in the heart of Kyiv previously fragmented into a series of separate elements. The space layout change began with the idea of paring away everything to a state of emptiness and using three axes from the underlying structure to shape the new geometry of the one-bedroom apartment. white shapes become the medium for quietly ordering all other elements of the

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Eclectic Style Apartment in Kyiv by Intemporary Design Studio

Alexandrine Lukach Ukrainian interior designer transformed the classic interior of Kyiv`s apartment into a modern eclectic. The designer’s mission was to refresh charismatic space which had been previously created by her three years ago and add up-to-date furniture, lighting, and decor.

intemporary design studio alexandrine lukach 13

intemporary design studio alexandrine lukach 11

intemporary design studio alexandrine lukach 12

Noticeable intervention and a lot of new design and art objects were needed due to the large area of the apartment. Alexandrine decided to focus on local designers in her selection of objects and turned this project into a professional challenge for herself. She is sure that Ukrainian design is vibrant and prominent, it is something which is being created right now and steps beyond current trends.

intemporary design studio alexandrine lukach 2

In two months Aleksandrine totally decoded an apartment – 196 contemporary design objects by 42 Ukrainian designers were integrated into the space. Among them were works of such brands as Noom, FAINA Design, Mahno design, OLK Manufactory, Olga Fradina, Tasha Oro, etс.

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