JL Apartment – InteriorZine

The shade of black works as a base and marks a major element in evidence in this project. A black hall, protagonist, but executed simply, only demarcated through painting, bringing the contrast of material and effect, constituting the passage.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 6

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 3

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 8

The black linear rises from the front door permeates the hall till the gourmet area, all of it in parallel with the dining table which turns into a terrace island. Together they create a continuous relation between social environments and a direct integration between people who experience the space, and besides dynamically allow the glass door to close between table and bench.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 9

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 2

The continuity follows on the bookcase, that emerges from the hall, with parallel planes in steel plates, still black, but cut by a transverse elements that bring to the dark starting tone a warmer woody materiality, contrasted on a white background, which permeates all over the room and happens

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Seed House – InteriorZine

With this house, context, scale, materiality and function all come together to create an endlessly fascinating family home. The entry to this house on Sydney’s lower north shore is discreetly tucked away down a flight of steps and behind a gently curved sandstone wall. Look carefully and you will see the operable vertical slot window which allows anyone in the kitchen to see who is at the door.

Once inside, the house opens up in a wonderland of fluid space, endless intriguing detailing, a celebration of timber and a clutch of edited and always different views out past a loose stand of Angophora trees and rocky outcrops to the magical Sugarloaf Bay, part of Sydney’s Middle Harbour.

seed house 1

After walking through the four levels of the house (including the swimming pool terrace at the bottom from where the site extends even further down the ridge to include a tennis court and

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Monochrome Apartments by linearchitects – InteriorZine

Two apparently contradictory projects reveal the infinite possible opportunities offered by Living Divani design to the world of residential Contract. Male and female, ethereal and urban, rigorous and relaxing, they are characters capable of coexisting in the same style, thanks to its neutral shapes and artisanal details, which can be customized as desired in the choice of finishings.

linearchitects apartment monochrome living divani products 1

linearchitects apartment monochrome living divani products 15

The most refined design of Living Divani is protagonist in the heart of Moldova. Signed by linearchitects, a design studio led by Dmitry and Egor Petrov, a small apartment in the capital of the Chisinau country focuses around the grey color as the common thread between the open space living area and the night one. The sophisticated and sensual interior exudes a feeling of tranquillity and intimacy thanks to the monochromatic palette that reveals a choice of high quality materials and a meticulous attention to every single detail: the protagonists of

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Merri Creek House – InteriorZine

Making the familiar strange & the strange familiar. The tree lined Fitzroy North street is peppered with cream & apricot double story triple brick veneer – many with deco waterfall edges and glamorous garages with roof decks above that connect to contribute to a grand entry sequence. One might ascend the stairs, drink martinis on the terrace before moving through a curved glass threshold front door to the parlour. Wanting to replicate the contextual romance, Merri Creek House mirror this exactly with its own street facing deck above the garage.

merricreek archi 14

Also celebrating the waterfall features of the hood, circular turrets cascade along the site to reference in a fresh way. WOWOWA’s obsession with geometric farm relics and tall brick water structures also informed the double height towers for living. Merri Creek house is made up of two turrets – the front one split into rumpus below & study above,

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