PSLab’s London Headquarters – InteriorZine

Local studio James Plumb has created PSLab’s London Headquarters out of a landscape of monolithic concrete plinths. The resulting workspace acts unlike a typical office or a showroom, but rather a home of collaboration and creative thinking. Quiet nooks, surrounded by potted plants and leafy vines that climb down from the ceiling create small enclaves within the expansive floor plan.

Soft light crawls in through large windows, creating cosy feels not usually associated with showrooms. The scheme distils the work of both spatial and lighting design studios, each space unfolding as an exploration of light and shadow. The result is a beautifully refined scheme where materiality, both of the building and the lighting mechanics, becomes the prominent voice. Not to mention this is one of the most enviable workspaces we’ve seen. For real.

pslab office showroom london 2

Exposed brick walls, steel columns, and a number of sunken pits are all that remains from

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Alphonse Apartment Renovation – InteriorZine

The apartment of 42m2, mono-oriented, is located in the 20th district of Paris in a building of the 60’s. The project optimizes the space by opening and exploiting the surfaces lost from circulation.

The old kitchen, entrance and living room are merged, creating a generous living space that takes full advantage of the apartment’s southern exposure. The kitchen is moved to the periphery, integrated in a custom-made piece of furniture in grey valchromat.

alphonse apartment renovation 3

The integration of a curtain in the living room creates a flexible space that can offer an additional room to the apartment: an office space or an extra bedroom. The original walls of the bedroom and bathroom are replaced by a large glass wall across the entire width of the apartment, giving a feeling of depth and continuity between the spaces.

alphonse apartment renovation 8

alphonse apartment renovation 9

The transparent glass of the bedroom is transformed into an opaque reinforced glass for the bathroom.

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Santomate Restaurant – InteriorZine

Located in the city of Morelia, Michoacán in La Loma, the original construction of the project dates from the middle of the last century, with previous remodeling and interventions since the 90’s. The project integrates 3 properties, which 2 of them were already connected by a central patio with a great variety of vegetation and materiality, maintaining a colonial style.

The first approach and idea conceived for the restaurant is to generate a relationship and connection both spatially and visually of the 3 properties, making this patio the axis and starting point. Almost monochromatic spaces are created inside and outside to avoid the variety of materials and textures that would distract the user and that would also distance the patio and vegetation from being the main protagonists.

santomate restaurant mexico 14

The range of colours is inspired by the shades of the region’s glazed pottery, green, blue and yellow. Santomate seeks to be an

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Re.canto House by Arquitetura27 – InteriorZine

A 120m² haven with a large living room, wine cellar, contemplative kitchen and a backyard. The name of the environment carries its essence, Re.canto (of the self). It was designed to be a space of connection.

The living room has few covering materials, enriching each chosen material. The use of Pau Ferro from Arauco evokes the past and the sophistication of Brazilian design, covering the back wall and the ceiling, creating a single block. The sloping roof intensifies the notion of shelter, gradually decreasing the 4.5m ceiling.

ranto house arquitetura27 5

On the side walls, protection screens were used, which brought an unusual texture and intensified the symbolisms used in the project, walls of protection. All furniture, including the large bookcase, also uses the same laminate. On the shelf, many books permeate works of art and objects full of memories and attachments. Among them, the wall clock used next to an eye, making an

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