Re.canto House by Arquitetura27 – InteriorZine

A 120m² haven with a large living room, wine cellar, contemplative kitchen and a backyard. The name of the environment carries its essence, Re.canto (of the self). It was designed to be a space of connection.

The living room has few covering materials, enriching each chosen material. The use of Pau Ferro from Arauco evokes the past and the sophistication of Brazilian design, covering the back wall and the ceiling, creating a single block. The sloping roof intensifies the notion of shelter, gradually decreasing the 4.5m ceiling.

ranto house arquitetura27 5

On the side walls, protection screens were used, which brought an unusual texture and intensified the symbolisms used in the project, walls of protection. All furniture, including the large bookcase, also uses the same laminate. On the shelf, many books permeate works of art and objects full of memories and attachments. Among them, the wall clock used next to an eye, making an

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Regina House – InteriorZine

Located in the village of Gaüses in Alt Empordà, Spain, OAB – Office of Architecture in Barcelona has built a private residence for industrial designer/surrealist artist Pete Sans, and painter/mural artist Regina Saura. The house has been designed to reflect the owners’ aesthetic and creative approach, with the decoration featuring many of the couple’s creations.

Determined by the topographical orientation and concern for privacy, the dwelling by OAB is articulated as a set of 12.5 x 5 metre pavilions interspersed with voids or courtyards. The programme is organised in the pavilions, while the voids provide access and allow cross-ventilation, as well as sufficient lighting to enter within the interiors.

artists residence spain 6

The architects have essentially created a simple building, efficient thanks to the insulation, with its construction expressed in the materiality of its finishes. The inclined concrete ceilings and steel semi-beams, ceramic tongue and groove that receives the insulation, and arab roof

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Ventura House by Arquitetura Nacional

This house, located in a gated community in the municipality of Xangri-Lá, on the south of Brazil, makes use of its privileged position (a corner lot on the border of a lake) to explore the visuals and the relations between private and social areas.

ventura house arquitetura nacional 5

ventura house arquitetura nacional 6

The briefing is standard for a beach house: generous social area to entertain family and friends and an intimate area for resting. The living spaces on the ground floor areas as open as possible. On the second floor are the bedrooms and all private areas – a spa and the tv room. On the ground floor, the social spaces are articulated by smaller volumes that hold the complementary spaces (kitchen, toilet, warehouse, and service).

ventura house arquitetura nacional 3

The covered living areas on the ground floor are delimited by the access door (5m wide) and two other window frames (9m wide each), configured in ‘L’ shape. When these windows

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CG House by Pedro Henrique Arquiteto

A place, that arises from an elevated plan in relation to the street, and opens itself onto a field, is defined by the large trees that give us visual sensations, experienced as a result of the various colour palettes that each season brings.

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 6

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 9

A set of volumes draw the house that embodies a recognisable archetype and divides the intimate and social area, separating the bedrooms from the kitchen and living rooms.

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 4

These volumes are organised in different orientations in search of the best relationship between them, and each other with the outside.

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 2

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 7

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 8

The contrast between the raw concrete facades and the interior of the house creates an intimate tactile sensation, experienced through the patios, the skylights and the stairs.

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 15

cg house pedro henrique arquiteto 16

The social area extends to the outside and to the upper floor, creating a variety of living spaces and proximity to the householders. The intimate area, on the other hand, confines

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