Danilo Paint Showroom Designed by JG Phoenix

Water nourishes all creatures in a silent manner. Soil provides a solid foundation for everything. They take the shape of tangible implements when combined together, and become paint after being melted. As Salvatore Quasimodo wrote in Acque e terre (“Water and Land”), beauty is reflected not only in harmony but also in disharmony, because the latter sometimes can also reach the peak of aesthetic. For example, many types of art like painting, sculpture and music are identical in aesthetics, ethics and criticism, as well as similar in the rules of aesthetic appreciation or negation.

Special effect paint comes from the combination of water and paint, and shows various textures via unique artistic expression. As approaching the project, the designers hoped to convey the subtle relationship between water and soil based on the natural laws of interdependence and Yin-Yang.
Meanwhile, they intended to create various spatial scenes by utilizing paint of

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Eureka Office in Tokyo Designed by BROOK Inc.

eureka office is located in Tokyo and is designed by BROOK Inc. together with TRAIL HEADS,Inc. on the concept of unity for a fast growing social application provider. As the employee count rose steeply to support their business growth, the employees had to work separately in two floors in their previous office. Thus eureka decided to relocate and create a collaborative work environment, which encourages teamwork and creativity.

brook inc eureka office 11

brook inc eureka office 6

In search of sense of unity, the eye-catching multistory table seats were designed to loosely divide the workspace and communication space. The height and color of the seats were carefully selected to find the right balance for both spaces. Different floor tiles and colors also help to separate the cafeteria and playroom from workspace.

brook inc eureka office 7

brook inc eureka office 9

brook inc eureka office 8

There are many different variations of workspaces in this office as well: assigned workspace, co-working space, creative spaces including TATAMI area, focus rooms and fun area including café

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