Forest For Rest by Leaping Creative

Young urbanites in China are generally suffering from mental and physical exhaustion brought by various pressures, such as from work and their families. In addition, nightclubs, karaoke, video games and other de-stressing and entertainment activities are consuming their remaining energy. Traditional foot bath therapy, which originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a history of more than a thousand years, may offer them a new option for quick refreshment.

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FOREST FOR REST is a new leisure & wellness brand, which is mainly targeted at young generations. As approaching the project, the primary task was to shake off customers’ stereotype of the industry by upgrading foot spa experiences. So as to covey the idea that traditional foot bath could also be cool and become a new fashion.

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The design team chose Hercules beetle as the icon of the brand, since it symbolizes healing, energy and vitality. Its image is extended to

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80 Black Kitchen Cabinets – The Most Creative Designs & Ideas

Are black kitchen cabinets trendy? Most definitely, they are! The obsession of modern designers with black kitchen elements started a few years back and now is at its peak. Leading manufactures and designers on the word’s design scene seem to be in love with this trendy and functional color and continue to offer a great variety of black kitchen designs and ideas. On their part, the homeowners and consumers respond in kind and search for those contemporary inventions in black, to apply in their homes and kitchens. Our research suggests that this tendency and trend in modern design is here to stay, and to stay longer, we believe that the cool black color will dominate the stylish modern kitchens design at least a decade.

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Each year the word’s design community chooses a color to be the color of the year according to the latest innovations, inspirations, and

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