AND.G Concept Store by DAS Lab

Substances are “symbolized,” interpreted, and screened by individuals, that reflects their feedback on practices in the world. Everyone is a part of the collective society and connects with the world, holding on his or her views. Conscious behaviors bring about the states of paralleling, opposition, merging and detachment, and immerse individuals into their internalized trajectories of movement.

and g concept store das lab 16

The whole space is regarded as a medium for brands to gather, we analyzed its essence — inclusiveness, trying to find out commonalities among contradictions. The cluster effect of individuals is realized in a linear manner to form an abstract and flat grid system. Through such a system, AND.G hopes to encourage distinctive individuals and independent brands to connect with their self-identity.

and g concept store das lab 8

and g concept store das lab 11

As conceiving the ideology of AND.G, “decentralization” is the presence of the concept yet a practical necessity. Brands are encouraged to radiate themselves while intersecting and penetrating each other, to create

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HDsurface Coatings for the New Multifunctional Concept Shop in Milan

A point of reference on the market for the production of continuous surfaces for interiors and exteriors, HDsurface has been able to offer, over the years, a unique range of products, in terms of performance and aesthetics, designed to respond to the most different need.

Water-based surfaces, in cement paste, resin, metal powder or lava stones, which define each environment through the expressive force and emotion of the material, in a pure and environmentally friendly recipe. Thanks to unrivaled performance such as durability, elasticity, ease of cleaning, resistance to wear and scratches, HDsurface surfaces are ideal for use in both residential and public areas.

HDsurface canape shop milan 3

Among the most recent HDsurface projects, the new multifunctional concept Canapè Shop | Kitchen | Spirits, designed by MargStudio, of which the company has realized the flooring and display furniture. Inaugurated last October in the Moscova area in Milan, Canapè consists of three spaces, bistrot,

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