Casa Iguana by Obra Blanca

Casa Iguana can be synthesized in three independent volumes connected by a bridge. The space generated in between is delimited by three lattice facades made out of thin clay bricks arranged in the same way in which a tower of cards is raised, evoking the cornices on walls and balconies used in some of the traditional constructions of the region.

iguana house obra blanca 4

On the ground floor, the single family house has a public and service program organized within the limits of the three volumes. On the first floor, on the other hand, we find an exclusively private program, distributing one bedroom in each volume.

iguana house obra blanca 11

The house is supported over a concrete skirting board, a monolithic extension of the foundation that emerges from the earth; like the roots of a tree, reflection of its structural basis. Light plays an important role when it works in conjunction with the lattice walls. A game of

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Casa 3000 is Brought to Life by Pedrali’s New Furniture Collections

Although evoking an image of a fairy tale, Casa 3000 – a solitary red house designed by Rebelo de Andrade amongst the Cork Oaks and umbrella pines of the Alentejo region in Portugal – is brought to life by Pedrali‘s new furniture collections.

Called #Pedralitales, the Italian brand’s indoor and outdoor pieces are dotted around and throughout the dramatic architecture, which is characterized by striking shapes of clean lines and bright color. In stark contrast, this backdrop highlights the calm elegance of the furniture designs – all captured in scenes by Andrea Garuti.

pedrali tale indoor outdoor collections casa 3000 2

#Pedralitales, at Casa 3000, welcomes visitors home with the minimal yet all-embracing form of the Soul outdoor armchair by Eugeni Quitllet. As a pure expression of creativity, its curved, sculptural aluminum tubular structure reveal a classical form that, despite its thinness, has solid proportions. The ergonomic seat, shaped in teak slats, cosily envelopes users. The scene

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