62 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

The concept of minimalism is trending quite powerfully on the interior design scene with a good reason for that. Еspecially when it comes to leisure or relaxation zones of the home. Minimalism, as a design approach, focuses on functionality and pure aesthetics, fallowing the guideline of “less is more.” What is more suiting than creating a simple, elegant, and minimalist ambiance for your relaxation space? Our bedrooms are precisely that – a sanctuary for relaxation and comfortр so the pure lines of modern minimalism in decor are perfect for a place clean of unnecessary distractions and excess decorations. Purity for body and soul are suitable teams for modern bedroom decors.

Speaking of modern, although modern and minimalism are often used in combination as a term in interior design, they do not necessarily acquire established stylistic, which is characteristic for modern design. In reality, minimalism can explore many different design styles

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Selection of Furnishing Accessories for the Bedroom by Frag

Frag offers within its catalog a selection of furnishing accessories designed to enrich the bedroom environment that are distinguished by contemporary lines, precious finishes and materials, along with a masterful attention to detail. The company’s creations are the expression of an international language and advocates a quality that is entirely Made in Italy – deriving not only from the value of the materials, but also from the productive excellence of the company, leader for generations in the processing of leathers and saddle leather.

The collection of complements Bak, consisting of the Bak Valet Stand hanger and the Bak Bench padded bench, together with the Viae Valet Stand hanger, represent refined and finely finished furniture elements that will complete with style the furnishing of the sleeping area and can change its character.

frag bak valet stand 5

A completely new world for Frag is that of Ferruccio Laviani; not only for the type of products, but

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