Apartment in Saint Petersburg by ArtSpaceBuro

This is a collaborative project by Alena Svetlitsa’s ArtSpaceBuro and famous decorator Andrey Dmitriev. ArtSpaceBuro is an interior architecture agency founded by designer Alena Svetlitsa in 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The studio provides a total creative service for spatial interventions for clients that range from the private apartments to different types of public spaces.

art space buro 3

art space buro 2

Every project of ArtSpaceBuro is absolutely unique thanks to a rigorous creative process that’s rooted in each location. A lot of attention is given to the inhabitants of the space in determining how their attributes, character and heritage can be translated into a relevant, appealing spatial design and experience.

art space buro 1

Every detail of the project from the main architectural solution and design strategy to each decorative element reflects that concept. This project was created and realized for young bachelor man who asked us about a minimalistic interior focusing on bright and colorful detailes.

art space buro 6

The small apartment

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Soviet-era Block House Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine

The owner of this apartment and co-author of this project is Pavel Botvinovsky. He is a lover of Soviet architecture of the era of brutalism and modernism.

residential apartment rina lovko 16

residential apartment rina lovko 12

The apartment is located in the Soviet-era block house of the 70-s. To increase the aesthetic emphasis on the bedroom, we used a large round mirror, to see it in the reflection from hallway. The uniqueness of this project is primarily determined by its functionalism. Three main materials and colors prevail – white, stainless steel and natural wood.

residential apartment rina lovko 18

residential apartment rina lovko 2

The layout of this apartment in the heart of Kyiv previously fragmented into a series of separate elements. The space layout change began with the idea of paring away everything to a state of emptiness and using three axes from the underlying structure to shape the new geometry of the one-bedroom apartment. white shapes become the medium for quietly ordering all other elements of the

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JL Apartment – InteriorZine

The shade of black works as a base and marks a major element in evidence in this project. A black hall, protagonist, but executed simply, only demarcated through painting, bringing the contrast of material and effect, constituting the passage.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 6

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 3

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 8

The black linear rises from the front door permeates the hall till the gourmet area, all of it in parallel with the dining table which turns into a terrace island. Together they create a continuous relation between social environments and a direct integration between people who experience the space, and besides dynamically allow the glass door to close between table and bench.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 9

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 2

The continuity follows on the bookcase, that emerges from the hall, with parallel planes in steel plates, still black, but cut by a transverse elements that bring to the dark starting tone a warmer woody materiality, contrasted on a white background, which permeates all over the room and happens

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Ipojuca Apartment by Balaio Arquitetura

Rising damp in the house can occur due to a number of factors. In the case of some people it is due to a lack of sufficient insulation that keeps the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. In other cases, it can be a result of a leaky pipe that has caused the air to circulate rapidly through the house, leading to high humidity levels. A number of problems can arise if this process is not addressed quickly. In such situations the best remedy is a water-based solution.

Firstly, what is under house water? Under-house water refers to water that stays within the house but is not necessarily hot or moist. It could be due to a clogged or blocked pipe or a build up of mold. The quality of the walls or the structure of the building is a factor that contributes to the quality … Read More