Alphonse Apartment Renovation – InteriorZine

The apartment of 42m2, mono-oriented, is located in the 20th district of Paris in a building of the 60’s. The project optimizes the space by opening and exploiting the surfaces lost from circulation.

The old kitchen, entrance and living room are merged, creating a generous living space that takes full advantage of the apartment’s southern exposure. The kitchen is moved to the periphery, integrated in a custom-made piece of furniture in grey valchromat.

alphonse apartment renovation 3

The integration of a curtain in the living room creates a flexible space that can offer an additional room to the apartment: an office space or an extra bedroom. The original walls of the bedroom and bathroom are replaced by a large glass wall across the entire width of the apartment, giving a feeling of depth and continuity between the spaces.

alphonse apartment renovation 8

alphonse apartment renovation 9

The transparent glass of the bedroom is transformed into an opaque reinforced glass for the bathroom.

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Merlot Apartment by Clarice Semerene Arquitetura

The apartment is located in Brasilia, an iconic city of modernism, built in 1960 by architect Oscar Niemeyer. The building has a concrete structure, a functional and clean plan, with typical modernist elements, such as the hollow brick and large window frames, with abundant natural light.

merlot apartment clarice semerene arquitetura 15

merlot apartment clarice semerene arquitetura 14

The apartment had a lot of potential due to its clean structure, with few pillars and the absence of apparent beams, which would give me more freedom to create an open layout. This characteristic matched perfectly with the briefing given by the couple, to highlight the modernist character of the building and create an open plan in which the rooms are visually connected, with lots of natural light and cross ventilation.

merlot apartment clarice semerene arquitetura 16

Before the renovation, the 120 m2 apartment had 02 bedrooms and 01 master suite, a closed kitchen and a large laundry room, which was disproportionate to the customers’ needs. The residents’ lifestyle gave

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Loft Apartment in Sao Paulo by FCstudio

The New York Apartment’s project, located in the city of São Paulo – Brazil, is the result of a creative process that took into account important conditions. The family, consisting of a couple and two young daughters, before moving to this apartment, lived in the Netherlands for 8 years. Thus, constant references to Dutch culture and design permeated the composition process, so that the family would continue to identify with its own home. In addition, we considered the specific logistics of the four residents’ routine, categorizing the spaces according to the real needs of each one. Exclusive suites, one office and a playroom arose because of that.

apartment fcstudio 9

The formal and chromatic composition brought together areas with the same use, generating four programmatic boxes, within the single space with double height ceiling. This concept can be seen in the schemes that follow this memorial. The first box consists of the entrance

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Artur Lamas Apartment by Verum Atelier

In a historic neighborhood of Lisbon, Artur Lamas is a 65 square meters apartment in Belém rehabilitation project. The project was designed with the aim of making the existing gloomy and tight space into a pleasurable apartment, that would allow its profitability through short-term lease.

apartamento artur lamas verum atelier 3

The architectural solutions developed in this project are the result of the study of the building and its features, as well as the possibility to take advantage of the east patio. Another major factor was the requirement to make a more salubrious space offering all the housing qualities in addition to re-building all existing infrastructures given the dilapidated state of the apartment. Firstly, there was a need to reinforce and requalify the existing roof, enabling the increase of the height and consequently the tearing of openings for natural light and air circulation.

apartamento artur lamas verum atelier 4

With only natural light coming from the east and being a very

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