Re.canto House by Arquitetura27 – InteriorZine

A 120m² haven with a large living room, wine cellar, contemplative kitchen and a backyard. The name of the environment carries its essence, Re.canto (of the self). It was designed to be a space of connection.

The living room has few covering materials, enriching each chosen material. The use of Pau Ferro from Arauco evokes the past and the sophistication of Brazilian design, covering the back wall and the ceiling, creating a single block. The sloping roof intensifies the notion of shelter, gradually decreasing the 4.5m ceiling.

ranto house arquitetura27 5

On the side walls, protection screens were used, which brought an unusual texture and intensified the symbolisms used in the project, walls of protection. All furniture, including the large bookcase, also uses the same laminate. On the shelf, many books permeate works of art and objects full of memories and attachments. Among them, the wall clock used next to an eye, making an

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Co+in Collaborative Lab: To Rethink the Concept of a Traditional Beauty Salon

To steer away from the aesthetic stereotypes in the beauty industry, Co+in Collaborative Lab assists TWO CENTS, who envisioned their new space to be interpreted as a coffee shop, with a buzzy vibe to lift any dull spirits while offering much-needed tranquility in Jakarta’s one of the busiest district.

The main idea is to celebrate brand core values and beliefs of how every small things matter in life, by paying close attention to the details and design elements in the space, such as form, graphic, and quote.

coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 5

A coherent image can be found throughout the space in the form of a chic interior, defined by wood finishes and metal textures that evokes a sense of warmth. The space makes use of the aforementioned materials by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made divider feature, hold by a support, clad in woodgrain laminates. The unique structure was designed and

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Natural Cosmetic Shop Decor by Studio AUTORI

SOFI natural cosmetics is a client studio AUTORI met in 2016 to work on their flagship store in Novi Sad. After four years, the collaboration continues, this time working on their Belgrade store.

Led by SOFI’s philosophy in which the focus is on the fully exposed natural ingredients, studio AUTORI picks a few raw and distinctive elements to build up an overall balanced experience.

sofi natural cosmetics shop studio autori 2

With scrap marble picked from the local quarry and found in its backyard, the base is set. The marbles (Croatian Planit and Maljat from Montenegro) that were discarded by the quarry due to flaws, were minimally processed and brought back to life by AUTORI. All other elements like shelves and the counter, are fully subordinated to the marble gestures.

sofi natural cosmetics shop studio autori 1

To give the interior balance and serenity, soft materials such as translucent curtains and SOFI logo (treated more like a light installation than mere branding) are installed.

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Social Space and Coffee To Go Shop in Jakarta

Kisaku is a coffee and social space located in the heart of Jakarta business district, a fairly dense environment, with target market on workers. The place is a manifestation of adaptive reuse of an old and humble one storey residential house into an open and welcoming coffee shop. Kisaku emerged as an oasis in the middle of the crowded metropolitan city, focusing on coffee-to-go sales and serves as a pleasant space for contemplation during the day and social space after office hours.

Kisaku is a Japanese word that means positive, open, and friendly. The interior is aimed to build the brand identity by creating a sense of place that is simple, open and warm for customer to enjoy coffee. Most coffee shops are usually designed to maximize the sitting capacity, to create lively atmosphere. Kisaku, on the hand, provides “emptiness” and enhances minimalism to create a contemplative space experience. It

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