Interpretation of the Industrial New York City Loft in Vilnius

In the capital, in a 2-room apartment, interior designer Beata Senkevič presented her interpretation of the New York city loft. Using rather rough materials, as she says herself, she has created a cozy industrial-style interior in a 37-square-foot apartment.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 1

The author of the interior B.Senkevič from the studio Interdio said for 15 minutes that the owner of the home is a young, energetic broker. He installed this dwelling for rent. “The owner showed me one photo from the New York city loft, and the result is my interpretation of the asked question. The goal, as always, is exclusivity, bold solutions that would attract tenants, but at the same time harmoniously combine the interior with the exterior, ”she said.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 2

According to B. Senkevič, deciding on the functional and ergonomic layout, I had to decide how to correctly separate the bedroom from the living room and on which side of the apartment

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House in Poznan by Easst Architects

The house in Poznan, Poland was designed for a family of four by Easst Architects. The biggest challenge was to fit the extensive functional program proposed by the investor on a very small plot of only 290 m2 with a front width of less than 16 meters. Design has become a complicated puzzle, but the more restrictions the more interesting is the design process.

As a result, we obtained over 250 m2 of usable floor space on three floors, and the house finally houses as many as 5 bedrooms. Two sides of the building adjoin the neighboring buildings because it is a partial reconstruction of an existing small residential building. This made it much easier to obtain more space (m2) but complicated the building structure.

house poznan by easst architects 7

We wanted to create façades that are durable, easy to maintain and have unusual colors for Polish conditions (the investor showed great courage

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Apartment in Saint Petersburg by ArtSpaceBuro

This is a collaborative project by Alena Svetlitsa’s ArtSpaceBuro and famous decorator Andrey Dmitriev. ArtSpaceBuro is an interior architecture agency founded by designer Alena Svetlitsa in 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The studio provides a total creative service for spatial interventions for clients that range from the private apartments to different types of public spaces.

art space buro 3

art space buro 2

Every project of ArtSpaceBuro is absolutely unique thanks to a rigorous creative process that’s rooted in each location. A lot of attention is given to the inhabitants of the space in determining how their attributes, character and heritage can be translated into a relevant, appealing spatial design and experience.

art space buro 1

Every detail of the project from the main architectural solution and design strategy to each decorative element reflects that concept. This project was created and realized for young bachelor man who asked us about a minimalistic interior focusing on bright and colorful detailes.

art space buro 6

The small apartment

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Residence C by KC Design Studio

The building faces the streets of all directions fearlessly, forming the fragmental indoor layout. The residents often feel the inconvenience in using the space.

residence c kc design studio 9

residence c kc design studio 15

KC Design Studio: We fill the fragmental areas with the service functions of the residence to create the complete and open public and private space. The design point of the open space is the layer presentation. The connection and openness of the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be felt when you enter the house from the balcony.

residence c kc design studio 2

Through the furniture and surrounding design corresponding to each space, from the exterior to the interior, from the front to the back, the different materials or the furniture heights are applied to present the rich but not messy space expression. The gray concrete texture serves as the basis of the space. The use of wood, iron pieces, terrazzo, and striped glass creates the mild and

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