Micro Loft with Multi Level Interior

Qisi Design has been commissioned to renovate a tiny courtyard residence located on the ground floor of a protected historical building in Shanghai, China. The apartment is only 25 square meters and is intended for short-term rent. But the interior decor composition is sleek, modern, and with some of the hallmarks of the last years’ design scene trends.

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Multi level living space that combines the Asian stylistic of the origin with smart hidden storage spaces, so suitable for limited urban space living. The entwinement of wooden surfaces and clear glass partitions gives a sleek and pure feel to the overall ambiance. The design team successfully creates a warm, comfortable space that can accommodate various functional areas in such a limited space. Using an unobstructed connection between indoor and outdoor, smart integration of the mezzanine level, and minimalist modern decor compositions, the designers introduced the maximum of livable space available to the small home.

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Difference in levels, warmly clad in wooden panels- distinguishes the kitchen area from the sink-in living room zone, and the trendy class cubical separates the bathroom. This introduction of the bathroom visible space into the main zone creates a spacious, open feel for the layout and gives a strong hint of modern tendencies characteristic for global design. The steps between levels are used for seating, and the stair railings are cleverly designed as bookshelves and cabinets, saving space and giving functional dynamics to the project. Wood veneer and wood furniture create a sense of coziness, and the line between furniture and architecture becomes blurred.

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