Mice are very effective climbers – How do they get inside your homes?

Can Mice Climb Trees, Walls, Or Even Glass?

Whenever you see mice moving around your house, you probably ask yourself how they get from one place to another so easily.  As a matter of fact, mice are known to be extremely effective climbers. The way they travel inside your home doesn’t explain how they get access to various parts and corners of your home. You will often find mice jumping really high to reach new places.  Yes, mice can jump, but how high?

So, if you’re someone who has been wondering how high can mice jump, you’ve clicked on the right article. Keep reading to learn more.

Mice can climb really well

If you know enough about mice as animals, you are aware of the fact that they are adept climbers that utilize their claws and feet to scale stairs and walls in homes. Though you might find it tough to believe, it is true that mice can even climb vertical surfaces as effectively as they can walk through horizontal ones.

Their bodies are extremely lightweight, and hence they have the ability to move into even the smallest spaces by holding on to things with their claws.

How high can mice jump?

You’ll be rather surprised to know that mice can jump to around 13 inches without even giving a running start, and if they’re moving, they can jump even higher. If you consider a 5-gallon bucket, it is usually 12 inches tall, which means that the bucket is not tall enough to keep away a mouse. A mouse can easily leap into a bucket if it doesn’t have a lid on it. Although every mouse is different, it has been shown that even the worst jumper can jump up to 10 inches high.

That is indeed a powerful jump, coming from such a tiny creature. You may also find mice jumping out of containers that are around 25 inches tall. They are capable of doing double jumps in order to climb really high distances.

So, now that you know how high mice can jump or leap, you should apply this knowledge wherever needed. If you find your house infested by mice, apart from getting in touch with a professional pest control company, you should also keep your food pots and other kitchen cabinets at a height that is inaccessible by mice and other pests. Seal every crack and crevice through which they can invade your home.

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