Keeping Rodent Out of Your Home

Pests and rodents infiltrate your property without any warning signs. A wild mouse can be

Pests and rodents infiltrate your property without any warning signs. A wild mouse can be a concerning factor. What can be more concerning is the damage they cause. Mice and rats can spoil food, damage your home and chew up essential papers. Another unwanted mess, such as damage to electrical wiring or spreading diseases, is what they may do. Now, this makes your livelihood more at risk.

It can sometimes be impossible to eradicate pests and rodents. Therefore, your only option should be that of hiring a pest inspection Brisbane. However, before you book an appointment or perhaps seek their help, here are things you need to follow up quickly.

Signs of Presence

Pests and rodents always go unseen. Signs that rats, fleas, or bed bugs are present include small droppings. These can be in the form of tiny grains that are found in different places. However, you may notice certain destructions in dry areas like boxes, bags, beds, or pantries. 

If you own pets, they may alert you. Likewise, fleas and bugs are carried by pets too. Make sure you take all the preventive measures when owning a pet.

Block and Secure Entry

The most efficient way bed bug inspection Brisbane recommends to control pests includes sealing entry points. The fall season is when rodents seek to get in from the cold. Also, mice can squeeze their way through the minor cracks.

Other areas, such as the bottom edges of garage doors or attics, provide warmth. However, you should also know that there is no complete and adequate rodent-proof insulation available in the market. 

Floor and Countertops

Causal housekeeping, especially in kitchen and dining areas, attracts pests. As the food scraps on the floors and countertops, this invites varieties of pests and rodents. We recommend a handy sweeper to capture crumbs and never leave uneaten bowls of pet food on the floor. 

Seal Bins

Garbage bins kept alongside the dwelling or garage is a siren call to rats and mice. In fact, this may also attract more big pests like raccoons or stray dogs and cats. You need to ensure they are tightly sealed with air proof lids. 

Also, if possible, we recommend keeping them on a platform above the ground. As an added precaution, you can secure lids with a bungee cord or heavy rocks. This helps infestation from pests and rodents. 

Close Doors

It is generally seen that pests and rodents enter the house through wide-open garage doors. This especially happens during cold seasons where these animals need to keep their body warm. 

Our expert pest control officer from bed bug pest inspection Brisbane recommends a habit of closing doors immediately after entry or exit. Apart from that, keep sliding patio doors and basement closed or at least protected with screens. This prevents rodents from entering. Also, never leave a garage door or other entry point open overnight.

Use Holistic Repellents

The market is full of repellent that can help you prevent pest infestation. However, make sure you choose one that’s safe. Peppermint oil is the most common type of rodent repellant as it affects the nasal passage of rodents. Therefore, if you plan to take an organic approach, you can grow peppermint leaves around the perimeter of your house. 

On the other hand, if the condition has turned worst, you need to immediately hire a pest control team and sort out the issue. To get experts on board, search “pest inspection near me.” You’ll come across several service providers. Choose the one that looks reliable and makes your property pest-free.