Ipojuca Apartment by Balaio Arquitetura

Ipojuca Apartment by Balaio Arquitetura

Rising damp in the house can occur due to a number of factors. In the case of some people it is due to a lack of sufficient insulation that keeps the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. In other cases, it can be a result of a leaky pipe that has caused the air to circulate rapidly through the house, leading to high humidity levels. A number of problems can arise if this process is not addressed quickly. In such situations the best remedy is a water-based solution.

Firstly, what is under house water? Under-house water refers to water that stays within the house but is not necessarily hot or moist. It could be due to a clogged or blocked pipe or a build up of mold. The quality of the walls or the structure of the building is a factor that contributes to the quality of the water. If the walls are not sufficiently insulated or not weather-proof, the water will pool in the house and this is called rising damp. This situation can be fixed quickly if the source of the rising damp is identified. Soapy water can be used to wash out the house and then the necessary repairs made to the wall if necessary.

Also, when the source of rising damp is identified, the under-house water can be removed by vacuuming the floor and walls. This can remove most of the excess water as well as leaves and dirt. For mold infestation, a mixture of bleach and water is recommended. This can be sprayed on the affected areas and if required, left for a while before the walls and floors are treated.

Since We’ve started project our clients has shown the desire of a clean design approach, allied to their proposing of keeping and integration of spaces. We’ve designed a concrete bench which passes by living room, balcony and dinner room, unifying these environments through the adoption of same materials and geometric shapes, encouraging the use of large all glass windows. We’ve gained a dynamic and versatile space, once the concrete bench can be also use for supporting books, plants and other decoration pieces.

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All the exposed concrete structural elements, as well as the woodwork, metalwork, and furniture, were stand out through the adoption of white polyurethane flooring, walls and ceiling, which has created a clear plane, expanded by the diffusion of light. The living room’s design has focused on stimulating face to face interaction by the layout bench, sofa, swing fixed on ceiling and a very comfortable armchair, keeping TV in a second plan. To provide more privacy for toilet layout without losing the sense of space amplitude, there was designed a furniture piece made with a light steel structure which has a wood box, where TV is installed. Kitchen has gained a wooden ceiling aligned to the cement porcelain floor, in face to sensorially delimit the environment space.

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The apartment private area, where are located TV room and bedrooms, are distinct from other areas overall because of the higher use of wood elements, presented on flooring, walls and woodwork. This choose was made because of thermal and visual comfort effect. On TV room the wooden elements, in addition to tauari wood flooring, all the room has a half-wall covered by panels of white oak veneers guaranteeing a visual amplitude once our look goes easily by the horizontal lines created. The sofa, designed by Balaio, extends itself, amplifying sitting space and comfortably accommodating the whole family to watch movies or play some video game.

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For master suite there was chosen the dark color tones We’ve seen in social areas, such as on wood and metalwork elements, are seen on wood veneers, dyed in black, which coats wardrobes and headboard, in contrast to freijó’s wood tones, chosen to coat dressing table. Master suite bathroom has a white-based granite flooring, with small granules ranging from white to black tones, which goes from flooring to the support wall for bath products, intensifying all different sensations resulted by materials choosing for this project, according to each environment function.

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Architects: Balaio Arquitetura; Area: 1722 ft²; Year: 2020; Photographs: Manuel Sá; Manufacturers: Abra Casa, Cremme, Deca, Fernando Jaeger, Portobello, Selvvva, Trimble Navigation, Wooding, m.o.o.c, reka iluminacao;

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