If you regularly cut hard materials such as stone, concrete, or porcelain, you will know that diamond blades make the job much easier and quicker. But you will also know how expensive these blades can be. With that in mind then, the experts at Devour Tools say that there are some things you can do to maximize the life of the blades. Below are a few examples. 

Protect the Blade When Not in Use

The best way to ensure your diamond blade lasts for longer is to protect it when not using it. Don’t just leave it sitting in the machine as this means it will become prone to damage. Leaving blades resting on a metal or concrete surface can cause them to become dull, meaning they are likely to lose their cutting ability sooner rather than later. Moreover, leaving blades in a machine increases the risk of injury, another reason to avoid it. Diamond blades should be stored individually in boxes or hung on a hook or peg. 

Clean Blades After Use

When cutting with a diamond blade, it is natural for dirt and debris to accumulate both on the tip and between segments. Before you put the blades away, it makes sense to clean them. Do this with a soft brush to get rid of the dust and then use an appropriate cleaning solution, such as mineral spirit. When cleaning the diamond blades, always stay safe by wearing protective clothing, particularly gloves. 

Use the Right Blade

Correct use of a diamond blade can have a significant impact on its lifespan. It is important that you make sure the blades are mounted correctly in the machine and that you are using the correct sized blade for the machine you are using. Additionally, using a blade that is suitable for the material being cut is important. There is a very good reason that there are different types of diamond blade available for different jobs. Cutting with the wrong blade will damage not only the blade but also the material being cut.  

Avoid Overheating

A common cause of diamond blade deterioration is overheating, which is something entirely preventable. When cutting with a diamond blade, you should choose wet cutting where appropriate and always take breaks to allow the blade to cool off. Never force the blade into the material being cut – allow the machine and the blade to do the work by applying gentle pressure. Forcing the blade will not only damage it but could also increase the risk of injury, especially if the blade gets stuck and then kicks back. 

Know When You Need a New Blade

While you can take steps to get the most from your diamond blades, you do need to be able to tell when it is time to get a new one. There is no point in continuing to use a blade that is no longer working as it should. 

A diamond blade that has come to the end of its life will appear glazed over or completely smooth. If you see these signs, it means that the diamonds have worn away or have been hidden by a melted metal bond. Furthermore, if the blade is not cutting as well as it once did, it is time to replace it. 


Diamond blades are considered to be the best for cutting through hard materials such as concrete or stone, but with this superior cutting power comes a higher price. It therefore makes sense to maximize the life of the blades by storing them correctly, making sure they are used appropriately, and that they are cleaned after every use.