July 1, 2022


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Five Tips to Keep Spiders Away from Your House

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If you are like a lot of people, you probably fear spiders. It could be their eight legs, their hairy bodies, or their fangs you are afraid of. No matter the reasons, you may not be comfortable around spiders. Because of this, you want to do whatever it takes to keep spiders away from your house. 

Spider control can be quite challenging in the fall. They can invade your house inevitably. But you can always consider professional spider control to help you eliminate a spider infestation on your property. If spiders make you anxious, the following tips can help you control their presence in your home during the fall season:

Keep Your Home Clean

If you want to prevent spiders from building webs in your house, you should declutter your place regularly. Spiders prefer not to be disturbed by humans, so they try to trap their prey in secluded areas. To ensure you don’t invite the insects they feed on, wipe down surfaces and throw away food scraps. Also, don’t provide spiders with a place to hide. Eliminate clutter from your garage, attic, basement, and closet. 

Seal Points of Entry

Spiders will always take advantage of any cracks and gaps they find from the outside of your house. These include gaps and cracks on windows, doors, and the foundation of your house. To keep them outside, seal up cracks, holes, and gaps in these places. 

Get Rid of Debris from Your Home Siding

Spiders tend to hide in plants, near compost bins, and under woodpiles. However, as the colder months start, they will find a way to move indoors. Thus, ensure you get rid of the clutter from your home’s siding.

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

While spiders are not attracted to light, the insects they consume are. To keep spiders at bay, minimize your use of outdoor lighting. Consider using dimmer and yellow lights to minimize the number of bugs you can attract. If you should use bright outdoor lights, move the source of light far away from your house. 

Use a Natural Insecticide Spray

Insecticides must be handled by professional pest control providers. However, if you prefer to use them, ensure you apply them safely. Follow the instructions on the product label and pay close attention to the warnings. Natural spider control sprays such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus essential oils, citrus, and peppermint can be used. But pest control providers know better which products are safe to use. 

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