Co+in Collaborative Lab: To Rethink the Concept of a Traditional Beauty Salon

To steer away from the aesthetic stereotypes in the beauty industry, Co+in Collaborative Lab assists TWO CENTS, who envisioned their new space to be interpreted as a coffee shop, with a buzzy vibe to lift any dull spirits while offering much-needed tranquility in Jakarta’s one of the busiest district.

The main idea is to celebrate brand core values and beliefs of how every small things matter in life, by paying close attention to the details and design elements in the space, such as form, graphic, and quote.

coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 5

A coherent image can be found throughout the space in the form of a chic interior, defined by wood finishes and metal textures that evokes a sense of warmth. The space makes use of the aforementioned materials by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made divider feature, hold by a support, clad in woodgrain laminates. The unique structure was designed and constructed with the purpose of privacy in mind, covered by frosted glass panels.

coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 1

coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 2

The existing arch ceiling structure is projected by washed-light to helps to draw the eye upwards, which makes the ceiling look higher and an entire space feels bigger. A form of an arch is repeatedly used as a resemblance of a nail, that brings out feminine features of the space.

coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 3

One of the important aspects of this space is to carefully tailored the fixtures to create a smooth interaction between the body proportion and the work environment, with the goal of increasing efficiency in workflow.

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coincollaborativelab twocents hanglekir 8

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