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Tell me about your designer Annie. We first met her as part of Siobhan and Joe’s renovation 

Annie is an amazing designer! She’s also my business partner.

In fact, Annie and I were married for 10 years and after we sorted out our black cloud, we make it work easily now. We see each other everyday, we discuss things everyday. We have a fantastic working relationship because we know each other so well. We have similar taste.

Annie is very creative and artistic, while I’m a very organised and structured, and this makes for an ideal combination. Actually, we are very lucky to be able to work together!

How much did you design yourself?

I wanted to use the architectural idea of compression and decompression, and so I planned this technique for the entranceway of the home. I used to do 2 long haul flights back to back, so I had 16 hours to design. Everywhere I went with my work, I took notes and planned. During the flights I would sketch!

Sometimes I would encounter problems, but they were useful. If your idea doesn’t fit, then you have to be creative, you have to find ideas that you would not have thought of without this problem. This is where the magic happens!

When did you start building? When will you finish?

We started in August 2021. Even though there was the pandemic, it was still a good time to start. We expect to finish around July 2022. All our furniture will be custom-made for the villa and it takes about 3 months, so we have to be careful with timelines.

We want this Wabi Sabi style, so for example we are flaming wood to give it an old look. It really is beautiful. We want organic living, with light grey and beige tones, with vegetation everywhere.

How often do you visit the build?

I go about once a week. Not because I have to, but because I want to see it. However we have a WhatsApp group with Annie, my builder, my architect, project designer, electrician etc. They send photos and videos and if there is a small problem, we can solve it remotely and easily.

The experience right now is so good because I can trust my team. I have no headaches, I can sit back and relax and just keep an eye on things. I can only do this because I have known them a long time and I have worked with them many times. We have built up a lot of trust and confidence in the relationships.

What advice do you have for people wanting to build in Bali?

You must do your due diligence. Do your homework! This is essential. From day 1! From checking the land with a notary to checking your contractor’s previous work. I don’t like surprises!


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