Day: June 26, 2020

CRA House by Estudio MMX

The CRA House is located within a residential country club in Avándaro, Estado de México. The country club, like many others in Mexico, establishes general design criteria and suggests, with emphasis, the use of specific forms and materials. Given the mountain character of the site, the regulation infers the need to preserve the rustic character of the place through architecture. In most cases, regulatory constraints are real challenges that are solved through analysis and design.

cra house estudio mmx 1

In this case, the design of the house proves a stylistic hybridization strategy, with the double purpose of giving continuity to the character of the whole, while at the same time articulating, in an alternative way, the different spaces and the program of the house.

cra house estudio mmx 3

Instead of being perpendicular to the access, the whole house rotates, looking to obtain the best orientations and the best and widest views towards the golf field. By rotating the

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