Day: June 25, 2020

House in Meco by Atelier RUA

The triangular shaped plot has a total area of 13.850 m2 and is oriented South/North. The path to the plot runs alongside a white wall, showing the way to the entrance. Entering the plot, the building reveals itself. A perfect square with four similar facades. Facing south, a clearance in the garden holds the 15x5m swimming pool.

house in meco atelier rua 7

The building is one storey high. Shaded exterior terraces cut-out its quadrangular footprint. It is a volume composed of a large roof supported in its four corners by the volumes that correspond to the private spaces of the program. The common areas of the house are therefore open to the landscape.

house in meco atelier rua 1

house in meco atelier rua 3

The building has a centralized plan, being the living room the space from where all other spaces derive. The entrance on the north fa├žade articulates directly with this space, which subsequently opens to the exterior through large windows facing East, South

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