Day: June 18, 2020

LL House by Taller5 Arquitectos

Casa LL manages, in a successful way, the user´s enjoyable coexistence with the project’s material composition; which combines the perfect balance between outdoor views, distribution and privacy. It also manages for both horizontal and vertical routes to be light and peaceful through the project.

In a street view, Casa LL exalts its character with three blocks that demonstrate the distribution program´s rationality. One dark, strong body at the construction base contains the project´s services and elevates the social amenities which are perceived with an apparent concrete wall carefully labored, yielding prominence to a wooden cube that highlights the main entrance.

ll house taller5 arquitectos 12

A light colored cube composed of two openings shapes the house´s closing element creating a feeling of lightness. Privacy is obtained by expressing material contrast throughout the work. The house´s main entrance elevates half floor over the street level, consists of a stairwell composition that carries the user though a

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