Day: June 16, 2020

Utter Space Photography Studio in Beijing

Design is not just creation and decoration, but exploring and choosing by heart. With the development of trend and fashion, the media has become more and more diversified in images. Under this background, more photographers of different styles have appeared. Liu Zongyuan, a famous Chinese photographer, is one of them.

utter space beijing cun design 20

In early 2019, he found CUN, hoping to design for his photography studio in an old building warehouse in Beijing. We talked for more than 3 hours in the evening, and we feel that, nowadays, everything that can bring people beauty, such as design, video, art, and even music, has become blurred and full of freshness. We adjusted the nature of this space from purely serving the needs of photography, and adjusted it into a composite space that integrates work, art museums, and activities. This makes the space more thorough and pure on any road, and its name is UTTER

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