Day: June 14, 2020

62 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

The concept of minimalism is trending quite powerfully on the interior design scene with a good reason for that. Еspecially when it comes to leisure or relaxation zones of the home. Minimalism, as a design approach, focuses on functionality and pure aesthetics, fallowing the guideline of “less is more.” What is more suiting than creating a simple, elegant, and minimalist ambiance for your relaxation space? Our bedrooms are precisely that – a sanctuary for relaxation and comfortр so the pure lines of modern minimalism in decor are perfect for a place clean of unnecessary distractions and excess decorations. Purity for body and soul are suitable teams for modern bedroom decors.

Speaking of modern, although modern and minimalism are often used in combination as a term in interior design, they do not necessarily acquire established stylistic, which is characteristic for modern design. In reality, minimalism can explore many different design styles

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Hayloft by Loft Buro – InteriorZine

Hayloft space was found as a derelict commercial uninhabitable building, with a potential for creating a truly exciting loft. After the two-year roof, facade and interior refurbishment, an arrangement of utility lines, terracing and gardening, the building took on a contemporary accommodation, with state-of-the-art heating technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Interior design was coordinated alongside with cavity design, the search of antiques and art objects. A few antiques became the icon for Hayloft and shaped a remarkable atmosphere. Hayloft tells about tradition and memory, the ability to preserve history and create legends, family values, creativity and art objects as a life philosophy.

hayloft space loft buro 2

hayloft space loft buro 6

An ironic welcome starts from a rusty door and a picture with Belka and Strelka, Soviet space dogs. Black ceramic handmade hallway walls link today with vanished traditions of the Etruscans or ancient civilizations in Ukraine. Herbs, flowers and foliage, along with zephyrian feathers are imprinted on the wall

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