Day: May 20, 2020

Awesome Studio for Students by Co+in Collaborative Lab

The initial design brief is to present Australian vibes for the 1+1 Bedroom, and studio unit. The occupant of the units are students who need a place to easily commuting between the premise and the campus.

coincollaborativelab 7

Taking the student life as consideration, space has to have the capacity to utilize the space for the occupant to have a slow living manner as in enjoying the day by reading books, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or having friends over, despite the limited area.

coincollaborativelab 6

coincollaborativelab 4

We end up to adopting black and white as the subject and take the client’s love of marble as the main feature of the design.

coincollaborativelab 3

In the case of the studio unit, we embrace the black tone material that envelopes the space with a mixture of concrete on walls, which bring the warm and homey ambiance, while at the same time edgy and modern. The

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