Day: May 19, 2020

365 Studio by Bogdanova Bureau

365 Studio occupies some part of the ground floor and the first floor in a new building in central Kyiv, Ukraine. What made this project complicated was its belonging to the chain which already had its identity guide. There are certain rules which are formalized in the brandbook such as combination of white and green colors, plants and natural materials in the interior because the company is eco-friendly and tries to keep closer to nature.

365 studio bogdanova bureau 17

The key element of the project is the stairs with green steel banister. We had to cut out a part of the floor above and reinforce the building construction before it. 10 mm thick steel sheets for banister were cut and bent in advance to be welded on site. We built up a lifting tackle in the building which held every metal sheet and let weld them unsupported. After that we had all joints primed

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