Day: May 18, 2020

JL Apartment – InteriorZine

The shade of black works as a base and marks a major element in evidence in this project. A black hall, protagonist, but executed simply, only demarcated through painting, bringing the contrast of material and effect, constituting the passage.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 6

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 3

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 8

The black linear rises from the front door permeates the hall till the gourmet area, all of it in parallel with the dining table which turns into a terrace island. Together they create a continuous relation between social environments and a direct integration between people who experience the space, and besides dynamically allow the glass door to close between table and bench.

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 9

jl apartment flipe arquitetura 2

The continuity follows on the bookcase, that emerges from the hall, with parallel planes in steel plates, still black, but cut by a transverse elements that bring to the dark starting tone a warmer woody materiality, contrasted on a white background, which permeates all over the room and happens

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