Day: May 12, 2020

Home that Blur the Line Between Indoors and Outdoor

The clients of The Sanctuary, recent empty-nesters planning ahead to retirement, hoped to downsize and simplify in the design of their new Palo Alto home.

sanctuary house feldman architecture 12

sanctuary house feldman architecture 16

When the clients purchased the property, an old wooden fence across the front yard and the original house closed off the site from the street. Behind this rough and aged presentation, however, was an urban refuge of lush vegetation throughout the deep lot. This sense of discovery served as the original inspiration for the design of the house and directed both architect and client to its culmination.

sanctuary house feldman architecture 2

The proximity of the downtown Palo Alto area by foot and bike was fundamental to the clients’ decision to purchase this lot, and their belief in the building to a higher density in an urban setting leads to the inclusion of a second-story apartment. The couple fell in love with the overgrown garden and its obvious potential, approaching

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