Month: April 2020

Ipojuca Apartment by Balaio Arquitetura

Rising damp in the house can occur due to a number of factors. In the case of some people it is due to a lack of sufficient insulation that keeps the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. In other cases, it can be a result of a leaky pipe that has caused the air to circulate rapidly through the house, leading to high humidity levels. A number of problems can arise if this process is not addressed quickly. In such situations the best remedy is a water-based solution.

Firstly, what is under house water? Under-house water refers to water that stays within the house but is not necessarily hot or moist. It could be due to a clogged or blocked pipe or a build up of mold. The quality of the walls or the structure of the building is a factor that contributes to the quality … Read More

Kiev Apartment by Andrey Sokruta Workshop

The couple, where each of the spouses is about 50 years old, wanted to find an interior studio that would respond responsibly to all requests. “We just wanted something practical, stylish and humane!” This becomes especially clear when you find out that the head of the family is a military man. For many years, customers traveled without the opportunity to settle in a particular city, and finally it happened! But the question of who exactly had to be involved in the interior was not resolved yet for a long time. When the paths of these people and our team crossed, a mutual understanding immediately arose. Andrey Sokruta Workshop appreciates customers who openly say what they need, what they absolutely dislike and, at the same time, if they are ready to consider innovative solutions and experiments.

Tech nodes: The main technical problem was the low ceiling height – 2.7 m, with

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HDsurface Coatings for the New Multifunctional Concept Shop in Milan

A point of reference on the market for the production of continuous surfaces for interiors and exteriors, HDsurface has been able to offer, over the years, a unique range of products, in terms of performance and aesthetics, designed to respond to the most different need.

Water-based surfaces, in cement paste, resin, metal powder or lava stones, which define each environment through the expressive force and emotion of the material, in a pure and environmentally friendly recipe. Thanks to unrivaled performance such as durability, elasticity, ease of cleaning, resistance to wear and scratches, HDsurface surfaces are ideal for use in both residential and public areas.

HDsurface canape shop milan 3

Among the most recent HDsurface projects, the new multifunctional concept Canapè Shop | Kitchen | Spirits, designed by MargStudio, of which the company has realized the flooring and display furniture. Inaugurated last October in the Moscova area in Milan, Canapè consists of three spaces, bistrot,

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Selection of Furnishing Accessories for the Bedroom by Frag

Frag offers within its catalog a selection of furnishing accessories designed to enrich the bedroom environment that are distinguished by contemporary lines, precious finishes and materials, along with a masterful attention to detail. The company’s creations are the expression of an international language and advocates a quality that is entirely Made in Italy – deriving not only from the value of the materials, but also from the productive excellence of the company, leader for generations in the processing of leathers and saddle leather.

The collection of complements Bak, consisting of the Bak Valet Stand hanger and the Bak Bench padded bench, together with the Viae Valet Stand hanger, represent refined and finely finished furniture elements that will complete with style the furnishing of the sleeping area and can change its character.

frag bak valet stand 5

A completely new world for Frag is that of Ferruccio Laviani; not only for the type of products, but

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