10 Things You Should Know About Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a mixture of polyester and marble resins, which, right after a chemical/industrial system, hardens to a degree comparable to all-natural marble. Cultured marble has a higher resistance to staining, better brightness, and a lot less adherence to dirt.

The sink and countertop kind a one piece, which prevents spillage and leaks. The price of cultured marble is significantly reduced and a lot more convenient in phrases of high-quality and cost compared with organic marble.

As the resin is handled as a plastic aspect, it gives higher resistance to impacts and bending. On the other aspect, natural marble is exceptionally fragile and can crack when it is blown.


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Cultured marble in the kitchen area


Cultured marble overview

Cultured marble is produced from superior-functionality polymers and granulated marble. It has been proven for far more than 30 years in hotels, workplaces, labs, and homes. It is resistant to acids, caustics, and solvents. It relies on a large assortment of shades, textures, styles, designs, and finishes that satisfy every need to have and prerequisite. Cultured marble goods have been readapted for each and every need to have and end.

Cultured marble is subjected to 10,000 cycles in an abrasion testing equipment with h2o with a higher information of abrasives and does not don or drop its reflective capacity. It has been identified that just after 16 hrs, publicity to acids, caustics, and domestic solvents does not impact its end and resistance.

Unlike other synthetic building resources, cultured marble is 100% resistant to acetone and other solvents. It will constantly current a professional-variety end, even in domestic applications. The rate of cultured marble is rather aggressive in contrast with other strong surfaces.

In comparison to plastic laminates (Formica, Thermoform, and so on.), cultured marble offers various rewards. It is 100% water-proof, not enabling drinking water to penetrate the joints and deteriorate the base and problems the complete. It is also additional resistant to heat and immediate flame. It is repairable in scenario of destruction. You do not have to substitute the whole piece. The manufacture of cultured marble is controlled by extremely rigid field criteria.



1-Resistance to water and humidity

Cultured marble is not porous, due to the fact it is coated with a products identified as Gelcoat, made use of for coating ship hulls. Natural marble is porous and a lot easier to suffer injury from drinking water. Artificial marble is great for developing cultured marble countertops instead.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


2-Lasting shine

Cultured marble does not involve polishing procedure. It is completely shiny and a lot easier to clean up for the reason that grime does not adhere to it.


3-Cleanliness and protection

Most cultured marble self-importance tops and sinks have a micro-ban coating that prevents the formation and proliferation of germs and fungi. Cultured marble is furthermore resistant to cleaning products and solutions.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


4-Scratches and substantial temperatures

Even though cultured marble has very good hardness, it is not advisable to reduce or chop foods without a reducing board. Anyway, it is significantly less very likely to minimize or scratch the area with a knife. If you at any time scratch it, you can polish the afflicted place with a particular paste to take away the mark.

However, when slicing or chopping meals on a cultured marble countertop, use a protective board.


5-Remarkable aesthetics

Cultured marble counter tops have a delicate texture and an incredible aesthetic that resembles purely natural marble. Just don’t forget that cultured marble is a artificial content.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops
Cultured marble vanity top rated



Without doubt, resin-primarily based materials have revolutionized the market. Cultured marble combines elegance, hardness, robustness, modernity, and flexibility.


7-Wide variety

When it comes to synthetic marble, you can choose the thickness, coloration, measurement, and condition of the items. Cultured marble stones can be round and fairly elaborate. This type of marble is regularly combined with other synthetic resources for better customization success. White cultured marble is pretty frequent in toilet renovations.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


8-Works by using in homes and ships

Artificial marble is an affordable and sensible alternative for both of those kitchens and loos. At initially, it was only applied only in the nautical field in the construction of kitchen and toilet counter tops in boats for the reason that of its reduced weight and simplicity. Then, it commenced to get popularity in flats and offices.



As talked about higher than, cultured marble can regulate to layouts and areas. It fits into compact and large spaces seamlessly. Despite the fact that organic marble is exclusive and arrives in various styles, it is fewer customizable than artificial marble. Cultured marble can be minimize so it can in shape in sites in which pure marble slabs just would not in shape.


10-Small upkeep

You really do not need to clean your cultured marble bathroom countertops so usually. Cultured marble is additional hygienic, indicating it receives filthy with trouble. It is effortless to sustain and responds greater to humidity.


Variations between natural stone and artificial marble

When compared to organic marble and other building products for kitchen area and bathroom counter tops, cultured marble is fewer costly. Other than that, cultured marble is resistant and designed to very last. It is created of artificial but excellent materials.

Beneath, we’ll go by way of the variations among organic stone and artificial marble. Let’s see what distinguishes artificial stone from organic marble.


  • The artificial stone is lighter than the organic a single, which would make the slicing, transportation, and machining process considerably much easier.
  • In contrast to purely natural stone, cultured marble has zero porosity, which minimizes the danger of staining, facilitating upkeep. However, its minimal absorption tells on the gluing procedure, which must be carried out cautiously if not, the slabs come off.
  • As an artificial tool, it can be molded to any size and tailored to any area. This does not take place with normal stone.
  • Traditional marble is additional translucent. If you put a purely natural and an synthetic stone jointly, you will notice that cultured marble has a misty seem.
  • Considering that it is a mass-made substance, artificial marble loses the exclusivity and exceptionality of all-natural stone, which has inimitable and unique pieces.


Ideas for going and installing cultured marble

Preferably, retail outlet the countertop that has not yet been set up in a vertical position, ensuring that the aid is on the lesser facet of the countertop, and never depart it in a horizontal situation.

When shifting artificial marble, do it cautiously, as this substance can be ruined when not in area. As soon as installed, it simply withstands day by day use.

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